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Simple, elegant and easy reporting tools.

Know what, where, how much and how instantly.

Good reporting is a manager’s dream, and an owner must have. RanFab has made this module accessible and created a separate menu dedicated to reports alone. This is in addition to all other search criteria available within LQ. The days of executing orders and hoping that a profit has come and gone. Information is power and control, and one needs to know where and how the business is performing at any point in time.

The reports module covers the main aspects of the business like Quotes, Parts, Jobs, Orders, Production, and Inventory. Still, we also included a custom report facility that allows a system admin to create reports with criteria that suit their needs. This is a powerful feature when the data obtained can be as broad as you wish. Combined with the fact that all reports can be instantly exported to Excel for further manipulation, it makes it an unbeatable tool.

Graphs and Charts are also incorporated and cover the most used types of reporting, including reporting comparing data from the previous year with your current situation and the budgeted data. Business typical filters are easily accessible to filter data based on time frames. Data is updated on the fly as jobs and orders are completed.