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Purchasing integration for all logical modules.

Purchase what you need, when you need it and stop wasting.

Purchasing is a major factor and RanFab did not cut corners in this department. A complete integration of purchasing operations has been achieved from controlling standard raw materials to linking nest and MRP requirements to actual PO’s.

RanFab quote will automatically suggest to a programmer the level of stock required to complete existing jobs and also pre filing data with supplier products used in the quoting process for preventing the wrong item being purchased.

When parts that contain a sub contracted process, RanFab will auto generate the required PO for the correct sub contractor. This is also linked to the history of the job it belongs to and can be scheduled just like any other task.

Inventory is logically connected to the purchasing process and full traceability is guaranteed. Records can be searched and a full audit trail is maintained. Purchase Orders can be printed in PDF form or directly emailed to your supplier. Data entry is quick via drop down list of supplier products that already have their full details and pricing linked.