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Nesting and Programming

Maximising material usage with RanFab.

Intuitive implementation. We transferred your to-do trays into a digital format.

Correct nesting is paramount to the success of any profile-cutting company.

This is even more apparent for the job shops that make a living in the contract-cutting market. In busy shops, you could be dealing with hundreds of different parts from various customers in many material types, all with their criteria of importance.

In our studies of such environments, many mistakes and errors will occur regularly, as the selection of which part to be nested in which material and when is left up to some made-ship spreadsheet or worse at the latitude of one employee’s memory capacity.

RanFab eliminates this major shortcoming. With suggested solutions that will account for all criteria accompanying a part. The best solution will be offered where the material used will be maximised. Combine common materials with elements from multiple customers while maintaining total control over the traceability of material origin. With a full MRP integration with the inventory module, the programmer will be informed instantly of material availability and the need for stock replacements.

The benefits do not stop here. The nest data ( part number, customer order number, quantities, material data ) are all exported in XML format to your nesting software, where with a single click, you can fill your nest table with all the required information, again eliminating the potential of human error when data entry is made traditionally.