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Material Resource Planning

Record and track raw material requirements.

Material Resource Planning made for metal fabrication and profile cutting.

Most fabricators these days have stringer requirements when it comes to total traceability of parts and materials. Hence the importance of employing the help of tools like RanFab to assist and control the material flow. From point of purchase to inventory and actual allocation to jobs and orders it’s all built in our software.

Actual steps required to achieve this complete control are actually so intuitive that they seem invisible to the outsider. Simply following the suggested work flow between the inventory requirements, purchasing and material allocations it falls into place and the end result is a complete traceability where any user can identify which material was used for which job down to the heat number from the suppliers delivery docket.

The added plus also comes from the significant savings achieved in the level of inventory that needs to be carried at any point in time as this will be reduced to absolute minimum without disrupting the production schedules. It some cases we had reports of bottom line improvements for work shops of up to 30% solely based on the savings that the MRP package brought in.