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Maintenance of Equipment

Schedule, execute and record maintenance.

Use our Equipment Maintenance module to stay on top of your servicing and repairs.

It makes sense that RanFab has facilities to track and organise the maintenance task of a metal fabrication job shop.
Our industry, by definition, is a technology intense industry, and therefore it implies the need to look after the servicing and maintenance of multiple types of machinery and other tools.

With RanFab, you will not only be able to record all the details of your machinery but set schedules of servicing both based on the hours of operations and calendar based. Documentation can also be attached to any piece of equipment, so then all your manuals and service reports will be made available to all users with access. The entire machine history will be at your fingertips. Think of it as a service log that records all aspects of operations and issues. During the regular processes, operators can also add records about machine events, such as spare parts replacements or consumables and light maintenance.