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Inventory Control

Save with our inventory control implementation.

Stock and trace consignment, standard stock, and customer materials.

Inventory control is paramount. It goes hand in hand with all the other modules and affects the success of your business just as much. Too much inventory on hand will ruin your cash flow, and not having enough will lose your jobs and give you a bad reputation. It is OK to maintain just the proper levels, which is why RanFab has extensively woven inventory matters in all aspects of the system.

Whether you stock customer material or your own, maybe you utilise consignment-type stock and carry multiple types of raw materials in stock, RanFab will accept them all, integrating usage across all sections that imply inventory. RanFab is pre-build to recognise types of steel like RHS or SHS and Angle, Pipe and Round Tube, Flat Bar or Plate and Sheet. Once an entry is attempted and the material type is selected, the correct fields that match that type of material become visible, eliminating the possibility of incorrect data entry. Many job shops need to shop around and always compare the best value for many when it comes to purchasing materials from your suppliers. RanFab offers easy mechanisms to allow you to effortlessly compare these prices for the same product from multiple suppliers.

Finding inventory is also highly flexible, as complex search criteria can be used to narrow down the list of results. Give our free trial a go-to experience for yourself, the power of RanFab.