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RanFab integrated with other platforms.

RanFab will easily integrate with accounting, CAD,automatic nesting, image manipulation etc.

    RanFab is integrated with P.E.P. , a US company wich employs the most advance nesting algorithm  for nesting parts. This software needs to be seen to be believed.

    RanFab is fully integrated with P.E.P. Nested parts are instantly created in RanFab based on a wide variety of user defined criteria. At the same time a cutting list generated in RanFab will create the nest data directly formated for PEP nesting.

    P.E.P offeres powerful conversion tools where the use can automated many aspects of extracting flat patterns , correcting and cleaning errors and text recognition. If you ever wished you can just create a cut file from a PDF document PEP can indeed perform that task better than any other vectorising solution we have tested in the past.

    RanFab is integrated with QuoteFab the makers of one of the most recognised and successful true shape nesting software.

    Start spending seconds on quoting complex DXF or DWG files by nesting with our integration.

    Cleaned DXF’s are saved into the part definition for later use in the production.

    Click the logo on the left to experience the fantastic integration between RanFab and QuoteFab.

    RanFab is integrated with Bysoft the makers of Bystronic laser cutting and water jet cutting equipment.

    As of latest version ByNest allows importing of XML data which can populate all the necessary fields required to the production of a nest.

    These includes order numbers, part numbers, quantities, material types.

    With one click only you can create a full nest with hundreds of parts without any data entry errors.

    AutoCAD WS is an extraordinary tool provided at no cost by an industry icon, AutoCAD.

    RanFab is an approved developer which is integrated with this service.

    The integration gives the user the capacity of opening, editing and sharing DXF, DWG and PDF files in a web browser without the need to have any software installed.

    The portability is also impressive as just like with LQ AutoCAD WS is available on the Iphones, IPads and Android devices.


    RanFab offers a separate module which enables you to access the entire system in a mobile environment over WIFI or 3G via Iphones, Ipads, Blackberry and Android devices.

    Imagine having your sales person on the road searching for a customer details including a Google Maps view of their premises.

    A quote can be generated on the fly while speaking with the customer and creating an order ready for commencing production all while in the customers office. It can be done with RanFab.


    RanFab can integrate with various accounting systems.

    So far we have build integrations for QuickBooks and MYOB the most popular packages for the US and Australian markets.

    This is sold as a separate application that can seamlessly synchronise the following data between LQ and Accounts:

    • Invoices (both final and progressive)
    • Purchase orders (raw materials and subcontractors)
    • Customers data Suppliers data