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Document Control

Store and distribute your e-files.

Powerful document repository made for our industry.

With the document manager, RanFab adds one more brilliant feature. Working with electronic files, whether we are talking about DXF, DWG, PDF etc is a daily occurrence in most metal fabrication modern shop. It can become a nightmare to control version and access rights or distribution. RanFab offers an elegant and simple interface to facilitate the organisation of electronic documentations. You can use this for recording and distribution of any type of file. Separate access rights can be allocated to each file so if you choose to only view access will be given, preventing alterations or deletions.

Another common usage is the recording and storage of all your quality assurance documents and procedures. These will become universally available to all your employees to study or refer upon. Most files will be opened by your PC’s default viewer for a file type but you can also choose to open many formats like the ones mentioned above with our integration with AutoCad WS. This way all you need is access to a computer connected to the Internet and you can start opening and editing your drawing files instantly from within RanFab.

A tree like interface with unlimited folders and files within is offer. Documents and folders can be moved, deleted, renamed with read/write or read only access within a full drag and drop interface.