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Customer Orders and Jobs

Create Sales Orders with just one click.

Quote data instantly transferred into Orders.

RanFab has the capacity to create orders from Quotes or from parts and assemblies.

Regardless of how complex the definition of a part and how many processes are involved, RanFab will auto-generate the jobs necessary for manufacturing.

Multiple types of job cards with barcoding can be generated to suit the style of business you have.

From consolidated job cards where the entire manufacturing work-flow is presented on a single document to separate job cards for each involved process.

 Streamlined process and increased efficiency.

Never miss another step into the manufacturing process.
RanFab even generates all necessary purchase orders for your sub contracted operations.
Orders can be duplicated for quick deployment and each job can be separately traced with its own status clearly displayed. Your customers also can gain access to a customised interface where they can view the status of each order or the history of all orders. All they need is a browser and Internet connection.