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Customer Relations Manager

Efficient communication and interaction with customers and suppliers.

Communication stands as the basis for business success. RanFab’s built-in communication channels are integrated throughout the entire system.

A comprehensive interface organises your customer’s records.

The screens are intuitive and laid out with the fabricator’s mindset.
From within the same screen, the entire customer history is available. With a glance, you can see their Quotes, Jobs and Orders with their respective statuses.

Suppliers and Subcontractors use similar tools to the customer module for recording communications.

Additionally, each supplier has a dedicated tab where all products or raw materials they supply are listed in an easy Excel-like table.

View all purchase orders raised against a supplier and directly navigate to its records from the main screen.

Email is available system-wide in RanFab.

Email messages can be sent to single or multiple individuals for a customer or supplier. The format and design are user-friendly and intuitive.

Send your email communications from within RanFab and make it accessible from anywhere via any web-enabled device.

Efficient communication channels are the cornerstone of a successful business. Fabricators are no different the complexity of some projects implies the need for the best possible communication tools.

Have all forms of communication been recorded? Raise Alerts and Reminders for customers and suppliers.

Documents can also be attached to any form of communication record.