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Access and Security

Control access for employees and customers.

Be assured that your valuable business data is safe and under your control.

We take security in RanFab very seriously. That is why we have five security access levels for your staff and one separate level for your customers. Depending on your staff member’s level, they will be restricted from deleting, printing or exporting data. In some cases, financial data will not be visible to some levels of security.

The server version can be set up for SSL access, further enhancing information security while in transit. All backups of system files and databases are fully under your control; it is your responsibility to maintain a good backup and recovery strategy. We offer all the tools to achieve this, but we do not interfere with your database. The cloud version will also have facilities by which you can remotely access the database and generate regular backups. This is valuable as RanFab holds data in a non-proprietary mode using standard SQL methods.
What that means to you is that the data you generate in RanFab can be extracted easily to be either used or transferred to other packages that might utilise it. This is used when a large data list needs to be exported for sales and marketing tasks or complex reporting is needed.

The customer interface gives them access to the records that belong to them and limits access to a read-only mode. This way, they can check the status of any job in any given order online, a complete history of their dispatch slips with electronic proof of delivery and all their quotes and parts. Furthermore, through the same interface, they can contact you directly with a request for a quotation.