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 Full-Featured ERP Software for the fabrication and cutting industry!

RanFab features tools that will assist you in achieving all tasks encounter specifically in our industry. The interface will instantly feel familiar.
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RanFab is built on a solid enterprise-class platform. It employs technologies like Apache, Tomcat, Ajax and Java.

Data is stored in standard SQL format compatible with databases like MySql, MSSql and Oracle. All of this is deployed and installed on any Windows operating system.

The stored data remains under your control and stored on your server.

RanFab works with several popular SQL databases, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MSDE and Cloudscape/Derby.

RanFab imposes no limits on the amount of managed data. This depends only on the capacity of the selected database.

Using standard SQL to store and interact with your data means that you are not locked into a proprietary format, so many other tools can access your valuable data.

RanFab allows multiple users to access an application at the same time. RanFab imposes no limits on the number of concurrent users.

RanFab supports access restrictions based on user categories and access restrictions based on data ownership. Access restrictions based on categories of users allow selecting, on a very detailed level, which data is available to users of different types. Access restrictions based on data ownership restrict users other than the data owner from viewing/changing the owner’s data.

The functionality of RanFab may already be familiar to some users, and it is worth noting that RanFab utilises new technologies. Cloud computing for manufacturing is a breakthrough for the industry. To date, we have averaged 3 hours per company sector.

It is easy and quick to learn and use because it uses your already familiar web browser and many of the actions and activities associated with skills learned while browsing.

Anyone will be able to master RanFab in record time.